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American-born Amy Davidson first established The Learning Place GmbH in Zug in 2010. Since then, she has developed and expanded the school so that The Learning Place now holds a firm place within the language school landscape. The Learning Place teaches both children and adults in small groups, helping them to achieve their own specific goals. We can react flexibly to your timetabling requirements and we work with innovative teaching methods, enabling you to achieve your best possible results, learn faster and memorise more. Amy Davidson herself takes care of all the administrative functions and prepares the lesson plans; she also teaches English as a second language, and tutors English-speaking children who are being educated at Swiss schools.

We are a small team, made up of well-trained teaching staff with many years' experience of helping students to achieve their goals in language learning. We are your perfect choice, whether you're looking for intensive lessons for yourself and/or your children, or an exam preparation course, or private lessons to improve your language skills for professional reasons. We take pride in being able to offer precisely the level of flexibility regarding course timetables that professional people and busy parents now need. Our innovative teaching methods and motivated staff will support you through every stage of your journey to successful learning – and you'll be speaking your new language happily and unselfconsciously in no time at all. English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Japanese – you tell us which language you'd like to learn and we'll be happy to help.